Here you are right at the well-known quality brand Vegimat milk maker. Find your device with appropriate features at a fair price in a choice of three different models. 
Delicious, healthy and pure herbal drinks made ​​from soy, rice, spelt, oats, almonds and more, automatically prepared! Vegan and lactose free
Even baby food, soups and raw food drinks you make comfortably at your fingertips. 
You can save up to 85% cost compared to finished products. And you know exactly what's inside!

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The soy milk maker Vegimat Easy is a particularly simple kitchen appliance used to make soy milk for drinking and for further processing to tofu. With the Vegimat Easy, smaller servings of soy milk are possible. Freshly prepared every day!

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Saver-Sets with accessories

Saver-Sets with accessories

You don't only want homemade Soymilk, but also make Tofu from it? Or to make your own Soy yogurt sometimes? 

In this case, take a look at these value sets - you always get a complete package with discount
If you want you can, for example, use the savings to complete your order with a small supply of best organic Soybeans from Austria!