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Soymilkmaker Vegimat Professional

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Professional maker for homemade Soymilk and much more

With the Soymilk maker Vegimat Professional you produce homemade Soymilk in next to no time. Your Soydrink can be consumed directly or processed to Tofu or Soy-yogurt. The Vegimat Professional is also a maker of beverages made ​​from grain, for drinks such as rice milk, oat milk, spelt milk, etc.

What's more, by pressing a button the Vegimat makes nut drinks like almond milk or raw food drinks with vegetables, herbs and fruit. And you have the choice to automatically produce a porridge of oatmeal or rice (congee), as well as vegetable soups.


Your vegan rounder - for the professional kitchen in your home

  • 11 different functions – so the Vegimat is a true all-rounder in your kitchenZubereiter_Vegimat_Professional_3
  • Operating with 2 buttons only – for your easy handling
  • No inside filter cage – so you can easily fill in lots of ingredients
  • Floor heating – thereby cleaning is a matter of seconds for you
  • Completely made of stainless steel – stylish and BPA-free (food does not get in contact with plastic)
  • Automatic cleaning program – to give you time for other things
  • Powerful and tough motor – because you have so many years of enjoyment with this device
  • Hot, Bio (60° C) or Raw-food (cold) – so you and your family can enjoy all kinds of healthy herbal drinks
  • Double-walled stainless-steel pot, closed airtightly – that means, your Vegimat is safe and stable, preparation is pleasantly quiet and energy efficient, similar to a pressure cooker


Just 3 easy steps

  1. Put all the ingredients (like Soybeans, nuts, cereals, vegetables) into the empty stainless stell pot.
  2. Fill the pot with cold water to the mark (up to 1.4 liters).
  3. Close the pot with the device on top. At the operating panel, choose one of the 11 programs using the "Menu" button. Press the "Start" button. Done!

Depending on the selected program your drink or food is completed in 15 to 35 minutes. A beep will alert you. If desired, you can then strain your finished product using the supplied sieve. To separate, for example, the liquid Soymilk from Okara - the flesh of the Soybeans.


For your health

Freshly made is healthier!
You alone have control what ingredients come in your vegetable drink. Your homemade drink is just good for 3-4 days in the fridge, because there are no stabilizers and no preservatives included for sure. Of course, your own drink is also not pasteurized and not ultra heat treated (UHT).
You decide, whether various flavorings, sweeteners or other additives such as calcium (eg sesame) come into your homemade Soymilk.

Hot, warm or cold - by the careful preparation of the maker Vegimat you get all the valuable vitamins, proteins and minerals of your ingredients.

Especially if you prefer a healthy, lactose-free or vegan diet, the Soymilk maker Vegimat Standard is a valuable helper in your kitchen.


Clever saved money - up to € 449 per year

Making Soymilk by yourselfsaves money! This is how:

Sparschwein31 kg of best organic Soybeans from Austria cost here € 4.11 (from 10 kg). With the Soymilk maker Vegimat Professional you produce around 10 servings of homemade Soy milk from a kilo. This makes approximately 15 liters.

So 1 liter of own Soymilk costs you just 27 cents.
Let's suppose you need 5 liters per week for yourself and your family (for drinking, Yogurt or Tofu making), then this will cost you € 71.24 per year.

Organic Soymilk bought in the supermarket costs between € 1.50 and € 2.00 per liter. Considering our example, that means between €390 and € 520 per year cost for you.

This way, homemade Soymilk saves you up to € 448.76 € per year! (86% saving
So, your investment in the Soymilk maker quickly pays: After only 5 months, you have saved the purchase price of your Vegimat Professional!

By the way, of course you have a similar savings potential if you make homemade almond milk or other herbal drinks such as rice drinks or oat drinks!


Well suited to produce Soymilk for further processing to Tofu

The special Vegimat program for Tofu processes your Soybeans in an optimal way for the subsequent production of Tofu. In this case your Soybeans are particularly effective grinded and cooked, so you can later make a superb Tofu out of it.
Please note - to make homemade Tofu you need accessories: Nigari and Tofu-press.

How to make Tofu, anyway? Check out the image instruction "9 steps to make Tofu".

Go green at your home


No more lugging around bottles or packs, no packaging waste.
If you prepare Soymilk, Tofu or other food and drinks by yourself, it means that you are not driving to the supermarket and back again, you do not support often long transport routes of finished products and you produce no waste by plastic packaging or Tetra-Paks.


Modern design and perfect technology

With the Vegimat Professional you get a high class device. There are a lot of product enhancements for high quality in this Soymilk maker of the latest generation.


  • Made almost entirely of stainless steel: Your Vegimat looks nice and all parts in contact with food are 100% BPA-free (no plastic).
  • Powerful motor and specially designed knife blades: Soybeans, almonds, cereals and vegetables - everything is perfectly chopped and pureed.
  • Double wall pot with airtight closure: Quiet and extremely efficient the Vegimat goes to work. The heat remains isolated and during the preparation the outside surface is not getting hot, so you do not burn your fingers when you touch it.
  • Inside steam valve: Similar to a pressure cooker, the steam exits safely upwards through a inside stainless steel tube.
  • Filter free system: Special bulges inside the can ensure effective distribution of your ingredients during grinding and cooking. After completion you decide whether and how much of the solid ingredients you strain by using the hand-held sieve.
  • Floor heating and smooth surfaces: There is no open heating pipe and no visible screws or other angular surfaces. So, cleaning is a breeze.

Effective measures for your safety:

  • Innovative turn lock: The top part is placed on the pot and then turned clockwise to close. Thus, the electrical circuit is closed and device and pot are securely connected. There is no way to touch the inside while the Vegimat is in operation.
  • Dry Protection: The Vegimat does not start operation or stops a running program when the amount of liquid falls below a minimum value.
  • Overflow protection: In case of danger of overflow caused by too much water or ingredients, the current program is interrupted.


This Soymilk maker is clean in a jiffy

If you look at the bottom of the Vegimat Professional appliance, you will only see curves and smooth surfaces of stainless steel. There are no screws or other small angles, where any food leftovers could glue.
In addition, this soy milk maker has a heater integrated in the bottom of the stainless steel pot. So there is no open heating element, which could be a hindrance when cleaning.

In practice this means for you: The Vegimat Professional is quickly cleaned.

However, if once you are not in the mood to clean, then just take the automatic!

  • Your professional vegan drinks and food maker features 2 fully automatic cleaning programs. (see “Programs” tab)
  • As easy as this: Fill with water and 2 drops of dish soap, then start and the cleaning program. Done!


Double manual and recipe book included

You hate it when electrical devices come with a poor instruction manual, although printed in 27 languages​​, but doesn't really help you?
You don't want to look later on the Internet for answers and tips?
We fully understand and therefore you receive with your Soymilk maker Vegimat Professional:
  • Quickstart-Vegimat-ProfessionalA single page Quick Start guide in color:
    Compact information, handy laminated on a single DIN-A4 page. This gives you the most important information to operate your Vegimat on a single page at hand.
  • A printed, detailed, 32-pages operating manual.
    This allows you to read all the details and information at rest during the first soaking of your soybeans and may serve you as a reference for further uses.
  • The POWER-SOJA Cookbook.
    Printed glossy, with 60 recipes and many tips for homemade drinks and meals with your Vegimat. So you can immediately try delicious ideas.
No secrets! You are free to download the full operating manual before buying. So you can already take a little preview that may help with your opinion.
To access it, scroll to the top and click on the tab “Downloads”. (There are no tabs displayed if you are using a mobile device. Please switch to the desktop view in this case).


Included: Organic Soybeans from Austria

Bio-Sojabohnen-Sack-linksWhith your maker Vegimat Easy you receive a pack (= 1kg) best organic Soybeans from Austria in the value of € 4.28. These Soybeans are ideal for homemade Soymilk and certified as our premium product with the "Bio-Austria" logo.
So you can get started immediately after unpacking. The package is enough for around 10 preparations - that means up to 15 liters of fresh, homemade Soymilk. Delicious and healthy!


You are still not sure?

We are sure these ways and information helps you with your decision:
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  • 30 days satisfaction guarantee
    Fotolia_59070663_XS We want you to be really happy with our products. Therefore we offer for this product a 30 day satisfaction guarantee - regardless of your legal right to withdraw or guarantee.
    From the date of the order, within 30 days you can send your Vegimat back to us and you will receive the full purchase price refunded. No questions asked!
    Further details about the satisfaction guarantee.


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