How to order

How to order

You can order here in three easy steps:

1. Select your desired products and add them to basket

Add_to_cartAt each product page you see the green button "Add to basket" at the top right.

If you want you can also select your desired amount before. Just use the field left to the green box to enter it.


Display_basketNote that after you click "Add to basket", you can see the current items count and amount displayed at the very top right of the page. Next to the shopping cart symbol.

You can go ahead and select and add several other products, if you want.

2. Click "Display basket" at the top right

There you can check your current shopping cart / basket. You can:

  • Change the amount of certain items or remove them at all.
    If you do so, don't forget to click "Update" to confirm your change.
  • Enter a coupon code in order to receive a discount.
  • Add a gift box option. Then we will nicely wrap your parcel as a gift and send it out with your custom greeting.
  • Save your order to continue it later.

Continue_shoppingClick "Continue shopping" to return to the products. You can also just click one of the categories at the top bar.

3. "Check out"

If you own a PayPal account and would like to check out real quickly, then click "PayPal Express Checkout".
This way you will be transferred to PayPal immedeately, where you login with your email-address and password. There will be no need to enter address or payment information later on.

Check_outIf not using PayPal Express Checkout, you just click "Check out" to continue processing your oder.


The procedure at Check out is done clearly in 4 steps:

Checkout step 1: Address


  • If you have registered already then you can select that option.
  • If you choose "Order without registration" then you will just have to enter your address data and it will be stored to process this order only.
  • If you choose "Register as customer" then your data will be stored in your account profile and you will have more comfort during future orders.

NextWhen done click "Next" to proceed to the next step.



Checkout step 2: Delivery


  • Select "Parcel Service" unless you want to pick it up at our warehouse in Austria.
  • You will notice the delivery charge being calculated depending on the country of destination, value and weight of your order. (Terms of delivery)
  • When done click "Next" to proceed to the next step.


Checkout step 3: Payment type


  • Depending of your country of destination you have a selection of payment types. (Payment information)
  • Choose PayPal if you want to use your credit card.
  • When done click "Next" to proceed to the next step.


Checkout step 4: Check & Order

Now you can see a summary of your order.

  • At the left side you notice the billing and delivery address. Take care that all information is correct.
  • Then check all listed products and amounts.
  • Check the box about Terms and conditions.
  • Check the box about product reviews.
  • Optionally you can leave a comment at the box below.


If all looks good and you want to finish the order:


  • Click "Buy now" at the bottom right.
  • Depending on the payment type you might be transferred to a payment site of the payment provider. This is where you perform your payment then.
You receive a order confirmation on screen and by email, as well.