Shipping terms

Shipping costs for Germany, Austria (zone 1)

Shipping costs for Switzerland (zone 4)

Shipping costs for Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Czech Republic (zone 2)

Shipping costs for other EU-countries we deliver (zone 3)

Delivery times

Shipping to DHL "Packstationen"

Information for Swiss customers


Shipping costs

We strive to fair shipping costs. Depending on the country of delivery, you can receive free shipping above a certain order volume.


For deliveries to Germany and Austria applies:

  • You pay a flat rate of € 5,95.
  • Free shipping and handling for orders over € 99!
  • Maximum parcel weight is 30 kg.



For deliveries to Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Czech Republic applies:

  • You pay a flatrate of € 9,95 and in addition € 0,35 per kg total parcel weight.
  • Free shipping and handling for orders over € 149!
  • Maximum parcel weight is 30 kg.



For deliveries to France, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, FinlandLatvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ireland, Spain and Portugal applies:

  • You pay a flatrate of € 12,95 and in addition € 1,45 per kg total parcel weight.
  • Free shipping and handling for orders over € 199!
  • Maximum parcel weight is 30 kg.
  • There is NO shipping to: Islands of Åland, Corsica, Azores, Madeira, Balearic Islands, Canaries, Melilla, Ceuta, Andorra, Gibraltar



For deliveries to Switzerland applies:

  • All prices and shipping costs are shown net. Customs duties and VAT must be paid when receiving the goods.
  • You pay a flatrate of € 13,95 and in addition € 1,95 per kg total parcel weight.
  • Maximum parcel weight can be up to 20 kg.



Delivery times


Your order will be dispatched as soon as possible and passed to the delivery service within 24 hours after payment receipt, on weekdays.
Our parcel delivery service GLS Group provides the following shipping times for your parcel:

Country of delivery Delivery time
Belgium 2 days
Bulgaria 3 days
Denmark 2 days
Germany 2 days
Estonia 4-5 days
Finland 4-6 days
France 2-3 days
United Kingdom 3-5 days
Ireland 4 days
Italy 2-3 days
Latvia 4-5 days
Lithuania 4-5 days
Luxembourg 2 days
Netherlands 2 days
Austria 1 day
Poland 3 days
Portugal 4-6 days
Romania 2 days
Sweden 3-5 days
Switzerland 3-4 days
Slovakia 2 days
Slovenia 2 days
Spain 4-5 days
Czech Republic 2 days
Hungary 1 day



Shipping to DHL "Packstationen"


Since we do not use the parcel services of DHL, shipping to a Packstation is not possible.

If you would like to know how GLS acts if you are not present at delivery, please note this:

About shipping with GLS



Information für Swiss customers


We love to serve you in Switzerland!
Within the EU, in this online store applies the Austrian VAT of 20% and 10% for food and books.
At deliveries to Switzerland, tax is deducted and you will see all prices in net, during checkout and on the invoice.
You handle customs duties and VAT directly with Swiss Post when receiving the goods. (8.0% plus about 2.2% customs)
Schweizer-adapterPlease note that maybe for the electrical kitchen appliances an power plug adapter is required (Plug Type F "Schuko" to type J), which is not included.
You get such an adapter at most electronics stores. If you have any questions, our consultants help you.