Organic soybeans from Austria (GM-free)

Organic soybeans from Austria (GM-free)

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Brazil? Argentina? China? No, Thank you! 

You have heard of the U.S. biotech company Monsanto and would never eat Monsanto's products and support its machinations? 
You don't want to buy any organic products from overseas or China, where it does a large ecological damage caused by the transport and weakened local agriculture? 
Austrian Bio Guarantee

Organic soybeans from Austria 

POWER SOJA organic soybeans are 
  • from Austria
  • from organic farming. 
  • guaranteed GM-free
  • with Austrian organic guarantee
  • perfectly suitable for the production of soy drinks and tofu. 
We do have great emphasis on sustainability and environmental awareness
For this reason, POWER SOJA is a member of the "Verein Soja from Austria" for many years

Verein Soja aus Österreich

All members of the "Verein Soja from Austria" act according to these 10 common principles: 
  • We produce soy food, because we believe that soy food should be part of a varied and balanced diet. 
  • We produce soy food exclusively from whole soybeans and not from isolates, because we believe that the whole plant in its complexity provides the best basis for human nutrition. 
  • We reject genetic engineering and make sure that all our products are made exclusively from GMO-free raw materials. 
  • We promote organic farming and processing of organically produced soybeans. 
  • We process exclusively Austrian and if not available exclusively European soybeans.
  • We maintain a cooperative relationship with the Austrian farmers. 
  • We ensure sustainable development and value-based and stand up for fair competition. 
  • We see environmental and climate protection-related strategies as a very important part of our corporate principles. 
  • We promote knowledge in Austrian society about the soy bean, its cultivation in Austria, the processing and the health benefits of this plant. 
  • We commit ourselves to encourage scientific research on soy and promote and maintain an open exchange of ideas and knowledge among themselves and with all other supporting our goals. 
Cultivation in Austria 
The Pannonian region is particularly suitable for soy cultivation as it's the warmest region in Austria. There are the good, deep soils that are particularly popular with finicky soybeans. The soybeans are seeded according to the weather in late April / early May. Only high-quality, private seed is used in order to avoid the danger of genetic modifications by 100%. 
Through a specially designed machine, the seed is applied. During the growth phase, the plant rows must be farmed 2-3 times by hand. It tales special care to ensure that no foreign plants or wild grasses are growing between the beans, because this would reduce the quality of soybeans. 
Immediately after harvest, which takes place in September, the soybeans are cleaned in a specially designed facility and selected. Thus, we ensure that only the finest and largest beans come to you.

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