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Smart and simple: Make fresh tofu by yourself with the tofu-press!

  • Tofu press (mold and lid) made ​​of food-safe plastic 
  • high-quality cotton wool cloth for the production of fresh tofu 
  • ideal size for up to 1.5 liters of soy milk. (10.3 x 8.0 x 7.0 cm) 
We have found that it is hard to reach corners a wooden tofu press, making it more difficult to clean and maintain. Because of the remaining tofu residues bacteria can develop, which may be harmful to health. 
The POWER SOJA tofu press is made ​​of durable, food-safe plastic with rounded corners
This means that tofu block forming is simplified for you and the press is very easy to clean. All you have to do is to rinse it with water and allow to dry - or just give the press in your dishwasher

Making your own tofu is easy, fun, and inexpensive! 

To make tofu, you need a fresh pot of soy milk from your POWER-SOJA milk maker, the coagulant Nigari, and the tofu-press. The Nigari will separate the soy milk into curds and whey, which you then pour into the press with the cloth. The press drains the liquid out of it and forms the tofu to a block. A full container of coagulated soy milk fits comfortably into the POWER SOJA tofu-press
How exactly this is done can you see at our photo galleryHow to make your own tofu in 9 steps

Excellent tofu instructions included

For your tofu press you also get the printed manual "How to make homemade tofu". 
How_to_make_Tofu 4 pages, compactly summarized with all important information for you about tofu making: 
  • Step by step instructions with color photos 
  • Basic nutrition-knowledge about tofu and information about shelf life.
  • Tips & tricks about soybean soaking for best tofu soy milk 
  • Increase firmness and density for best cooking results 
  • Ways to improve the taste of tofu


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