Nigari flakes

Nigari flakes

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Tofu in the purest form 

Nigari is the traditional coagulant derived from sea water, which is used in Japan for centuries to make tofu.
The industrial production is working almost exclusively with calcium sulphate (=gypsum) as a coagulant, because the tofu is thereby fixed better. Do you want to enjoy your tofu with gypsum/plaster? We do not!

You can taste the difference 

With the natural nigari (sea salt extract), although a you have a lower output than with the use of calcium sulfate, surely you appreciate the value added by the purity of your tofu
You get the POWER-SOJA Nigari in the unique form of flakes contained in an airtight, resealable box. This allows you to portion the required amount very easily and your Nigari stays always fresh and clean.


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